Monday, 24 November 2014

What to do when a friend is in need!

So my friends recently have been having trouble with what they think of themselves... Some think they are ugly and/or fat and this leads to them not eating properly, over exercising and losing them as a person.
Since this has happened I have always liked to help them when they are having a bad day! So here are a few tips and pieces of advice to help you with these sort of situations.

1) when a friends writes/ tweets/ posts something negative or depressing: 
In this instance you should message them asking them 'what's up' and seeing what they reply! If they say 'I'm fine' don't leave it at that! Make sure they aren't lying and covering it up! If they are, make sure you send them a lovely paragraph telling then they should feel like that or if you are seeing them shortly, go up to them and give them the biggest, most ensuring hug ever! Also, try and cheer them up! even if that means telling a bad joke.

2) when a friend isn't eating properly:
 you should talk to them and find out the reason why?  Don't go straight in and say 'why aren't you eating?' As that can scare them a bit... You have to be reassuring and caring for them to open up to you and enable you to help. Also, you should maybe let them have a few of your crisps at lunch or let them have a bite of your chocolate, just so you know they are eating something that contains sugars and energy they need! 

3) Try and stay positive when they are around!

Being in a negative atmosphere can make them feel down and sad, and as a friend you don't want that! Try and make conversation about a certain interest you both like or talk about what you want for christmas( I don't know). Also, try and be funny or smile a lot as that can make them feel comfortable and warm! Also, you should try going for a walk as this can clear your mind and make you forget about everything for a while!

If any of you are going through this with your friends, I advise you to stay strong and smile! Also talk to someone other than your friends, like a parent or a guardian as they may be able to help you or advise you on what to do. This will get everything off your chest so you don't feel like you cant tell anyone!

Hope this helped! If you want anymore advice, please speak to me on twitter(@jorjaBd) and I will try to help! Don't be afraid to ask, I am always willing to listen!

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