Saturday, 4 October 2014

Winter shopping

So yesterday I went into town to buy some winter things as it's getting cold now and I had too much summer stuff still. I also went to buy stuff I could wear on the weekends as I gave away some of my old wardrobe.. Here's what I brought: 

1) jeggings from new look (£12.99)
These are possibly the comfiest thing ever!! I wear them all the time and they go with everything really! They are like skinny jeans but they stretch more and feel more comfy.

2) black skinny jeans from new look (£12.99)
I brought these as i always need black skinny jeans! These jeans are so comfy and I would buy millions of pairs if I could! There were also a huge selection of jeans from boyfriend jeans, to ripped jeans, so they fit all personalitys and liking! 

3) beanie from H&M  (£3.99)

This is such a cute beanie, I thought it was so adorable when I saw it! It comes in limited colours such a black, grey and white. I wear this everywhere as it makes my hair look better when I am having a bad hair day, and I wear it to keep my ears warm:) 

4) slippers from primark (£5)

These are possibly the cutest, most comfy slippers I have owned! They are fluffy on the inside and have a cute pattern on the outside(as you can see). They keep your feet so warm! I wear these to friends and family's houses as they are like shoes(except they are so much more comfy)

5) bag from new look(£24.99) 
So I originally brought this bag for school but since having it, I have used it or going out. It is so big that u could fit so much in there and not have to worry about space. 

So that's all I brought! Plus some extra socks and stuff from primark, newlook, topshop etc... 

Sorry I haven't posted for like a month! I have had mock exams and I have been revising all month! I promise to post more in the future! If anyone has any suggestions about what I should write about, speak to me on my twitter (@jorjaBd) or my instagram(@forgetfulthought) 

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