Monday, 29 September 2014

September faves!

So for today blog I thought I would share my favourites of this month!

1) No.7 foundation in the colour warm ivory.(£13.95)  This foundation is my life! It is matte and has such good coverage. It will conceal redness, uneven skin tone and spots! I really recommend this foundation!!

So recently I had my skin colour tested by the little machiney thing and its so cool! It not only tells you what foundation you should wear, but what lipstick goes with it! 

2) This gives me my next favourite, my No.7 lipstick in the colour 'rose mist.' This colour really brings out your eyes and moisturises and hydrates your lips while doing so! I really recommend getting on of these lipsticks, they come in all different lush colours and there is always one that will suit you! 

*Also, when you buy two items from No.7 you get a little present box with an eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and an eye brush for FREE!! *

3) my blue flannel shirt from Dorathy Perkins. (It was around £15 I think.) This is personally one of my favourite shirts. I personally have an obsession with these shirts and I have done for years now! I wear it everywhere on rainy, hot and lazy days! It is wearable for most occasions. Whether you button it up or wear it around you waist. 

So than its for this blog, I will hopefully  be posting more but I am very busy with school so I will try:) 

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