Tuesday, 16 September 2014

back to school!

Going back to school can be the most stressful time of year. After having a summer of relaxing to then getting back into a manic schedule is tough!

I have just recently gone back into year 11 and I am already getting a lot of work (as do every year). But to try and help you guys I am going to give you some tip on homework and how to de-stress etc...

1) Homework! everyone gets homework, whether its a 5000 word essay or a sheet to fill in. Most people leave all their homework to the last minute, as did I for the last few years; however, going back this year has made me realise that I cant do that! So now when I get homework I try and get it out of the way as quick as possible so I can have time to myself, rather than stressing on Sunday night. I really recommend this as I have been able to relax on the sofa all day and haven't had to worry about homework or revision! Its bliss!
Also, if your school is doing revision after school or a homework club, I recommend! I went to revision/ homework classes after school and I caught up and was able to relax ad I felt a lot less stressed!

2) People! I know there are a lot of people at your school that you may hate! And trust me I know how that feels! Even if the person hasn't done anything to you in particular, you still seem to feel on edge when they are near. I, as a person, hate feeling intimidated and there are certain people at school that can do this. My advice is to 1) stay away from them, because 'outta sight, outta mind' and 2) ignore what is going on with them as if you don't think about them or their life, it wont effect you!

3) Stress! Everything about school is stressful and the best thing is to get everything off your chest! I recommend talking to someone whether it you parents, a sibling or a friend. I also think you should keep a diary of some sort so you know what homework you have, when its due in and what you have on each day. This will help you get things off your mind and will make it easier for you to relax.
Ideas to de-stress:
  • have a bath one night a week or have a long relaxing shower.
  • buy yourself something every now and then. Think of it as a prize!
  • sit down and watch your favourite TV series!
  • have some time to do what you want! Go out with friends, have a movie day etc.  
I hope this is helpful. If anyone ever wants any advice or help don't be hesitant to ask me to do a blog about it or DM me on twitter ( @jorjaBd ) 

Sorry for not posting in ages! School has been busy! 

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