Saturday, 28 June 2014

25 things to do this summer!

So I got this off pointless blog's YouTube an thought it was a cool idea! I am going to be sharing 25 things I would like to do this summer! 
To document what u have done get an A5/A4 book and save 2 pages for each event, then add a picture of what you have done and write about it! Here goes:

1) get a tan 
2) have a nice cream 
3) make a YouTube video 
4) swim in the sea 
5) watch he sun rise/ set  
6)camp-out with friends
7)bonfire- roast marsh mellows
8) have fun! (friends, family)
9) do a cartwheel
10)get a piercing -which I have already completed
11)watch 'The Fault In Our Stars'
12)learn another instrument
13)pass exams  29th Aug
14)go on an adventure
15)built a blanket fort + sleep in it
16)attempt to read a book
17)try something new!
18)movie marathon!
19)go surfing
20) go to somewhere new?
21)make cakes or bake
22) go on a plane
23)make someone laugh
24)buy some new clothes
25)share this with a friend

Now you try it! This is such a good way to store memories and events of summer '14!!!  

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