Saturday, 28 June 2014

25 things to do this summer!

So I got this off pointless blog's YouTube an thought it was a cool idea! I am going to be sharing 25 things I would like to do this summer! 
To document what u have done get an A5/A4 book and save 2 pages for each event, then add a picture of what you have done and write about it! Here goes:

1) get a tan 
2) have a nice cream 
3) make a YouTube video 
4) swim in the sea 
5) watch he sun rise/ set  
6)camp-out with friends
7)bonfire- roast marsh mellows
8) have fun! (friends, family)
9) do a cartwheel
10)get a piercing -which I have already completed
11)watch 'The Fault In Our Stars'
12)learn another instrument
13)pass exams  29th Aug
14)go on an adventure
15)built a blanket fort + sleep in it
16)attempt to read a book
17)try something new!
18)movie marathon!
19)go surfing
20) go to somewhere new?
21)make cakes or bake
22) go on a plane
23)make someone laugh
24)buy some new clothes
25)share this with a friend

Now you try it! This is such a good way to store memories and events of summer '14!!!  

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Trying to give advice!

Hello, for todays blog I thought I would give those of you who are feeling down at the moment a tad of advice to (hopefully) make you feel better.

1) A lot of people, including myself, are self conscious. This is quite a big issue to teenagers and young adults and it can become very hard to deal with. For example, most people will go on crazy diet to make them loose weight. But doing a diet like the water diet is pointless- instead you should just do exercise regularly and eat healthier meals.

I just started a healthy diet and so far its going alright! I have also been attempting the 30 day ab challenge to tone for summer.

Also school can make people feel self conscious as you constantly feel judged by everyone. when in reality no one is! and its hard to get over feeling like you are being judged 24/7, but just take deep breaths, count(in your head), or even say thing like "I don't care what they think" just to make you have more self belief.

I know its hard to say 'just don't care' because people don't get over stuff that easy. Just take baby steps to build confidence!  Ever since I started exercising more and eating healthier I have felt happier in my own skin and I have begun to not care what anyone thinks!

2)   Food! many people think about what they eat and they usually calorie count. This is possibly one of the worst things to do! If you are looking to have a nice figure, just eat healthier and do challenges like the 30 day ab challenge or the 30 day squat challenge. 
My mum used to say "if you eat healthy and you exercise, there is no reason why you should worry about what you eat!"

3) if you are struggling with an issue that I have/haven't listed, lease go and talk o someone whether its your best friend or your teacher!

I hoped this helped! please comment more advice I should give! :)