Thursday, 17 April 2014

Summer outfit

So for today's blog, I thought I would share a summer outfit that I love!! And I hope you love it to! 
 The top is from New Look and is £12.99. This top is a very bright, spring colour that (as seen) can be rolled up using an elastic band. But if not you can just wear it at its ready-made length. You can wear this top if you are going to beach or if you are going on a night out. This means it can be worn more than once! 

The jeans are from topshop and are £45. They are Leigh jeans. These jeans in the photo were brought a while ago so these jeans might not be in store, but there are ones simalar. These jeans are SUPER comfy and can be worn wherever (a night out, going out with friends or a lazy day in) 

The daisy chain necklace is £10 and it comes with matching earrings! This is such a cute necklace and it can be adjusted to be made looser or tighter. 

Now let's look at what shoes could be worn with this outfit: 
These sandles were from Dorothy Perkins and are £18.99. They are really nice to wear out and are really comfy. Again, they can be used for multiple purposes, going out for a night or going to the beach. I think they only come in limited colours. But this colour contrasts against the vibrant pink giving it a subtle look. 

And last but not least, sunglasses! 
These sunglasses were also from Dorothy Perkins and were £8! The lenses are not reflective but they do put a tint on the sun light. The sides of the glasses are a very simalar colour to the shoes, making the outfit complete! 

If you don't want a necklace, you could substitute it for braclets or if you would like to keep the necklace, add a few braclets with a very neutral colour:) 

Hope this helped or gave ideas to anyone! Blog soon! 

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