Sunday, 11 January 2015

10 things that annoy me!

Hello! So for today's blog I thought I would share some things that really annoy me! 

1) Toes! I really hate toes! If I see them I like freak out and if they come near me I will just go crazy! 

2) When someone slurps their drink really loud for a long period of time. 

3) When you are always there for people, but as soon as you have a problem they forget about you and find someone else... I think this is so disrespectful! 

4) People being horrible to someone because they aren't 'perfect'... But then again, who is? 

5) People bragging about how drunk/ high they got at the weekend... We've all heard that before from people!

6) People eating with their mouths open! I don't want to see your good thank you...

7) People wearing the same thing as someone and acting the same etc. so basically acting like a sheep...(I actually know someone who does this and it annoys me so much!)

8) People that don't revise for an exam and still get an A*... Like WTF?!! 

9) People overreacting when watching horror films... Like screaming/ jumping off the floor/ throwing stuff- like I understand your scared but honestly, you don't need to try and jump on the ceiling...

10) Being ignored by the ones who are said to be the closest to you. This hurts so bad! 

What annoys you??

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am sorry I haven't been writing much lately, I have had a lot of school work! 

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Friday, 5 December 2014

How to deal with schoolwork

Hello! Today I am going to be giving some tips on how to organise and sort out school work and revision to hopefully make your life a little easier!

1) homework: Make sure you prioritise your homework and get most of it done when you get it! I know it is a lot to ask after a long day of school, but this means that you have more free time at weekends or in the evening. Personally, I have a pile of homework I haven't done and a pile I have completed so I know what I have done and where it is. This really helps me as I always want the need-to-do homework pile to disappear! 

Sleep: Now I know some times it's hard to sleep well at night and get the appropriate amount of sleep. But it really helps! It gives you a higher level of concentration and helps you focus. You should get atleast 8 hours sleep per night. To get to sleep you should stop going on your phone half an hour before bed and stop drinking caffeine before bed.  Also, you could try a scented mist or some relaxing music to help relax or calm you. 

Try to think positive: If you always think negative you will get nothing done properly or to a standard you would like. To be honest, I'm not in the best mind set at the minute and I have noticed that my work standards have gotten lower! Please talk to someone if you are feeling down or stressed as they can help! 

If you have a lot of work and want to organise and prioritise, you could draw a big timetable. This would include how many hours of homework you would do, hobbies and then some free time. This is helping me at the moment be less stressed and it is giving me more free time as i don't do too much homework at  once.

I hope this helped with a few things! If anyone wants any more advice on certain things, please don't hesitate to ask me on twitter (@FallingStxrs) 

Monday, 24 November 2014

What to do when a friend is in need!

So my friends recently have been having trouble with what they think of themselves... Some think they are ugly and/or fat and this leads to them not eating properly, over exercising and losing them as a person.
Since this has happened I have always liked to help them when they are having a bad day! So here are a few tips and pieces of advice to help you with these sort of situations.

1) when a friends writes/ tweets/ posts something negative or depressing: 
In this instance you should message them asking them 'what's up' and seeing what they reply! If they say 'I'm fine' don't leave it at that! Make sure they aren't lying and covering it up! If they are, make sure you send them a lovely paragraph telling then they should feel like that or if you are seeing them shortly, go up to them and give them the biggest, most ensuring hug ever! Also, try and cheer them up! even if that means telling a bad joke.

2) when a friend isn't eating properly:
 you should talk to them and find out the reason why?  Don't go straight in and say 'why aren't you eating?' As that can scare them a bit... You have to be reassuring and caring for them to open up to you and enable you to help. Also, you should maybe let them have a few of your crisps at lunch or let them have a bite of your chocolate, just so you know they are eating something that contains sugars and energy they need! 

3) Try and stay positive when they are around!

Being in a negative atmosphere can make them feel down and sad, and as a friend you don't want that! Try and make conversation about a certain interest you both like or talk about what you want for christmas( I don't know). Also, try and be funny or smile a lot as that can make them feel comfortable and warm! Also, you should try going for a walk as this can clear your mind and make you forget about everything for a while!

If any of you are going through this with your friends, I advise you to stay strong and smile! Also talk to someone other than your friends, like a parent or a guardian as they may be able to help you or advise you on what to do. This will get everything off your chest so you don't feel like you cant tell anyone!

Hope this helped! If you want anymore advice, please speak to me on twitter(@jorjaBd) and I will try to help! Don't be afraid to ask, I am always willing to listen!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Winter shopping

So yesterday I went into town to buy some winter things as it's getting cold now and I had too much summer stuff still. I also went to buy stuff I could wear on the weekends as I gave away some of my old wardrobe.. Here's what I brought: 

1) jeggings from new look (£12.99)
These are possibly the comfiest thing ever!! I wear them all the time and they go with everything really! They are like skinny jeans but they stretch more and feel more comfy.

2) black skinny jeans from new look (£12.99)
I brought these as i always need black skinny jeans! These jeans are so comfy and I would buy millions of pairs if I could! There were also a huge selection of jeans from boyfriend jeans, to ripped jeans, so they fit all personalitys and liking! 

3) beanie from H&M  (£3.99)

This is such a cute beanie, I thought it was so adorable when I saw it! It comes in limited colours such a black, grey and white. I wear this everywhere as it makes my hair look better when I am having a bad hair day, and I wear it to keep my ears warm:) 

4) slippers from primark (£5)

These are possibly the cutest, most comfy slippers I have owned! They are fluffy on the inside and have a cute pattern on the outside(as you can see). They keep your feet so warm! I wear these to friends and family's houses as they are like shoes(except they are so much more comfy)

5) bag from new look(£24.99) 
So I originally brought this bag for school but since having it, I have used it or going out. It is so big that u could fit so much in there and not have to worry about space. 

So that's all I brought! Plus some extra socks and stuff from primark, newlook, topshop etc... 

Sorry I haven't posted for like a month! I have had mock exams and I have been revising all month! I promise to post more in the future! If anyone has any suggestions about what I should write about, speak to me on my twitter (@jorjaBd) or my instagram(@forgetfulthought) 

Monday, 29 September 2014

September faves!

So for today blog I thought I would share my favourites of this month!

1) No.7 foundation in the colour warm ivory.(£13.95)  This foundation is my life! It is matte and has such good coverage. It will conceal redness, uneven skin tone and spots! I really recommend this foundation!!

So recently I had my skin colour tested by the little machiney thing and its so cool! It not only tells you what foundation you should wear, but what lipstick goes with it! 

2) This gives me my next favourite, my No.7 lipstick in the colour 'rose mist.' This colour really brings out your eyes and moisturises and hydrates your lips while doing so! I really recommend getting on of these lipsticks, they come in all different lush colours and there is always one that will suit you! 

*Also, when you buy two items from No.7 you get a little present box with an eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and an eye brush for FREE!! *

3) my blue flannel shirt from Dorathy Perkins. (It was around £15 I think.) This is personally one of my favourite shirts. I personally have an obsession with these shirts and I have done for years now! I wear it everywhere on rainy, hot and lazy days! It is wearable for most occasions. Whether you button it up or wear it around you waist. 

So than its for this blog, I will hopefully  be posting more but I am very busy with school so I will try:) 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

back to school!

Going back to school can be the most stressful time of year. After having a summer of relaxing to then getting back into a manic schedule is tough!

I have just recently gone back into year 11 and I am already getting a lot of work (as do every year). But to try and help you guys I am going to give you some tip on homework and how to de-stress etc...

1) Homework! everyone gets homework, whether its a 5000 word essay or a sheet to fill in. Most people leave all their homework to the last minute, as did I for the last few years; however, going back this year has made me realise that I cant do that! So now when I get homework I try and get it out of the way as quick as possible so I can have time to myself, rather than stressing on Sunday night. I really recommend this as I have been able to relax on the sofa all day and haven't had to worry about homework or revision! Its bliss!
Also, if your school is doing revision after school or a homework club, I recommend! I went to revision/ homework classes after school and I caught up and was able to relax ad I felt a lot less stressed!

2) People! I know there are a lot of people at your school that you may hate! And trust me I know how that feels! Even if the person hasn't done anything to you in particular, you still seem to feel on edge when they are near. I, as a person, hate feeling intimidated and there are certain people at school that can do this. My advice is to 1) stay away from them, because 'outta sight, outta mind' and 2) ignore what is going on with them as if you don't think about them or their life, it wont effect you!

3) Stress! Everything about school is stressful and the best thing is to get everything off your chest! I recommend talking to someone whether it you parents, a sibling or a friend. I also think you should keep a diary of some sort so you know what homework you have, when its due in and what you have on each day. This will help you get things off your mind and will make it easier for you to relax.
Ideas to de-stress:
  • have a bath one night a week or have a long relaxing shower.
  • buy yourself something every now and then. Think of it as a prize!
  • sit down and watch your favourite TV series!
  • have some time to do what you want! Go out with friends, have a movie day etc.  
I hope this is helpful. If anyone ever wants any advice or help don't be hesitant to ask me to do a blog about it or DM me on twitter ( @jorjaBd ) 

Sorry for not posting in ages! School has been busy! 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer's here!!!

I So for today's blog I thought I would share some items that I will be using this summer. Hope you enjoy! 

So firstly I would like to share my bikini's from new look. They both were £11.98 in total each ( £3.99 for the bottoms and 7.99 for the tops) 
I brought these bikinis as they are bright and colourful just like summer-time.

secondly, I  brought a pair of white vans for the summer as they are more summery than my grey pair. I love these shoes as they are comfy and I literally wear them EVERYWHERE! they go with anything!!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I have been very busy. I will try to update more now because it's summer!!!! I hoped you enjoyed this post!